Zhejiang institute of modern household wealth years ningbo official operation

by:KNK     2020-09-08

ningbo furniture chamber of commerce convention, 2017, 'yeji household wealth park in central China,' the covenant of ningbo China furniture industry entrepreneurs BBS, 'cool knorr night' Spring Festival evening yesterday in the ningbo kaiyuan names grand hotel has ended. Conference, Zheng Shanzhong President of the chamber of commerce council announced the 2017 state and annual growth state of the industry. In 2017, the 'big', 'the dream jade-like stone' this year have introduced a new product series, is well received by the dealers throughout. 'The dream god' increased the opening of the country's resources, the New Year will also strongly aggressive expansion project and electric business channels. 'KeLe fu' keep customize household door plank scale advantage position in the whole world, 'fort' accelerated the Italy contracted momentum verve product line of authority, the national distribution network spread quickly. 'Fubon' giving full play to the advantages of brand, furniture factory, to aggressively expand its precision marketing, perfect light luxury American product chain. 'Art', 'tang', and other enterprises, through the entire network marketing, precision marketing, started the brand in the market. 'Ou Lin,' 'purple', 'los hualong', 'John room cabinet elegant' and 'former' enterprise separation in the 'integral kitchen', 'high-end wood custom as a whole' and 'hutch ark of stainless steel' segment has obtained the success. 'Tianhe', 'hua sheng', 'fuhua', 'fukang' 'Michael' do mass production enterprises and 'lang tong' and 'wo hing' integrated commercial furniture brands through a competition and giving full play to the advantages of doing things, new achievements. 'Jie feng', 'sweet', such as foreign trade furniture enterprises through the internal tapping, greatly promoted the yield performance. Set product, dynasty, sibutramine, Noah home, huaqiang lighting, Nordic E home, building, cheese HuaShi, bao ju le marketing team overall degree and precision marketing ability ranks top in the industry; BDHOME, gulls from household, beauty element everearth excellent soft outfit enterprise, landgent expand the overall high-end and high-end household decorate a room, promoted the guest unit price and profit space. Statement also pointed out that the cover of ningbo furniture industry and furniture market, the fastest 2 to 3 years, the slowest five to 10 years, the industry would be a 'civilian', 'commercial', 'whole is custom with complete decoration', 'design and marketing skills' four big segment size. The size of the top ten listed companies and large enterprises will occupy all share the venue greatly, with new material, scientific and technological innovation, such as the transmission of cultural creativity and technology to the market for good characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprise innovation form a supplement. Furniture and housing wealth both upstream and downstream, KTV furniture, today is given priority to with business to help them, must be in the future would be a cost, research and development, supply chain aspects of fusion of growth momentum. In 2017, ningbo furniture chamber of commerce also ushered in the decade since the growth of the best times. One is the wealth to promote platform full of harvest. Chamber of commerce 'wood furniture quality promotion project' and 'kitchen burning gas quality promotion project' in ningbo city, the area two level of quality parts heavily support after selected; 'Custom household quality promotion project' acceptance, wood furniture alliance scale smoothly finished smoothly. The second is the chamber of commerce powerful promotion brand influence. Chamber of commerce, landgent undertake 'ningbo chamber of commerce for subordinate industry incubator project', 'ningbo city civil affairs bureau of social organization support project' two big ningbo authorities to purchase project, in dealing with the dot for nearly 30 chamber of commerce, association member system, website WeChat system, business deals announced three Internet skills and operations of the chamber of commerce and the dot dot project and brand operation such as consulting and guide to doing things. Three is the chamber of commerce in breadth and depth of enhanced effectively. In the third year of this year, the chamber of commerce last held in ningbo furniture furniture industry sales champion training camp, from more than 300 city civil furniture, mattresses, with materials, department stores, kitchen electricity, overall soft outfit, custom furniture, kitchen equipment, office, public entrance furniture industry top ten sales elite, surrounded by hundred industry brand. A glimmer of teacher training practical results for the height of the participants admitted. Raise the industry training mode has become the industry chamber of commerce in doing things the pilot project of the enterprise. Chamber of commerce also continues to hold 'the focus of the enterprise competitiveness' ( Mattias lampe chamber of commerce executive director of the master) , 'the strongest team' ( Open committee yellow-bright infusion, vice President of speaker) Stage two, President of salon period full, chamber of commerce with flashy wealth thinking features brand project. Continuous organization in March and April to Europe, went to the United States in October, in November to Vietnam go abroad examination, surrounded by attend the unit civil furniture production, sales, design, soft outfit, produce cell, engineering furniture enterprises, etc. Focuses on the milan furniture fair, high furniture exhibition, works from country to country, retail furniture store, design center, museum of history, characteristic hotel, travel and study in depth, docking resources. According to statistics, chamber of commerce held a total of 11 times throughout the year, meeting the President of the chamber of commerce, the board of supervisors, branch meeting organized 15 free training and salon, 8 times from examination education, three examination abroad, held two public classes and sports, submitted 2 bill to industry growth of ningbo city people's congress. On the average, there are 3 be held every month. 41 games industry business deals or doing things, dot surrounded the quality promotion, reformation, the exhibition examines, terminal retail, scale and formulate, fitness sports, financing way, environmental protection, product research and development, the public rights of ten large-scale industries such as growth.

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