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With the KMT chairman wu den-yih for Taiwan's former deputy leader

by:KNK     2020-09-06
the original title: people to step in BBS should be on both sides of the Taiwan CAI lu wu den-yih application does approve
according to Taiwan media reports, the Chinese people the party party 27 suggested that cross-strait BBS measure two sessions of the mainland 'junjun after the event, held in late April, because the people party chairman wu den-yih for regional office deputy led the people of Taiwan, the mainland must promise by tsai ing-wen, office, hotel furniture, the parties may apply to the CAI do in accordance with the designated.

hosted by the Chinese people the party and the communist party of China even the 'cross-strait economic, trade and cultural BBS' is past is known as 'BBS' kuomintang, foshan sofa factory, before the people hung hsiu-chu, chairman of the party's transformation into a 'quiet growth BBS' on both sides.
according to Taiwan media reports, the party has has by mainland affairs director Zhou Jixiang to China to discuss kuomintang BBS to prepare related matters. A party party refused to be named people people 27 suggested that after the business volume BBS will be held in late April, the name is formerly hung hsiu-chu, chairman of the era of 'cross-strait lonely growing BBS' renamed 'BBS' on both sides, both sides sealed joint investment guarantee Taiwanese investors obtain justice and compensation, land to maintain necessary quantity and quality, foshan sofa factory, and lu 3 big issues, such as the guest number remain unchanged.
the party, said wu den-yih former deputy led people, according to Taiwan's 'confidential cover method' is listed, must apply to the CAI do promise talent in China; Parties will be in accordance with both plan to CAI cheng do apply on time. Wu den-yih had suggested in private places, on both sides of the BBS is the BBS for Taiwan, for the public, not personally, believe that CAI will love it.
tsai ing-wen office speaker Lin Heming respond by 27th afternoon, today has not received any applications; If the receiving application, will make the overall assessment decision.
according to Taiwan 'report' report, a lot of Taiwanese businessmen of kuomintang and high-level dialogue held in this BBS places, have a according to wait, I wish Mr Wu could take this time to start strengthening party in on both sides of the Taiwan issue and the advantages of the people. If there is a senior by China enterprise confederation, the party chairman wu den-yih and secretary general tseng yung-chuan cannot landed, the vice-president hau lung-bin generation is the most feasible scheme.
issued by Taiwan flourishing newspaper commentary pointed out that, tsai ing-wen, reveal the same on both sides of the hook will, first in exchange shine on both sides of the society economy, talent buffer dries up against the involvement of cross-strait political. Chinese kuomintang BBS, twins BBS, BBS and Taiwan, Taiwan entrepreneurs summit four most index meaning exchange platform, need to stability across the strait. Tsai ing-wen, whether to release Mr Wu to attend the kuomintang, BBS, lu is an important indicator.

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