Why do no fingerprint processing stainless steel screen surface?

by:KNK     2020-10-17
Why do no fingerprint processing stainless steel screen surface? The so-called color stainless steel without fingerprints, refers to the hard solid surface with a layer of transparent protective film layer of stainless steel decorative sheet. What is no fingerprints? Stainless steel without fingerprints refers to the color decoration on the surface of stainless steel coated with a layer of protective layer of transparent colorless to pale yellow liquid, the transparent nano metal roller coating fluid after drying, with various textures of colored stainless steel decorative surface firmly together, form a transparent hard solid layer of protective film. Without fingerprints: stainless steel plating color plate adopts advanced without fingerprints processing processing, increase the attractive and durable metal decorative sheet, its main purpose is to prevent people touch the plate surface and leave fingerprints, not oil, perspiration, dust, etc. The surface loses luster. No fingerprint technology has changed the past colored stainless steel surface is touch will leave fingerprint problem obviously. There is titanium coating on surface of stainless steel colored film layer, if the quality is not good enough, it's easy to have a color film after long time layer falls off, so no fingerprint technology is also will make the color more durable lasting stainless steel surface gloss, reduces maintenance time. No fingerprint technology: no fingerprint processing technology will not damage the appearance of the grassroots, at the same time, the color film won't shed, use clean cloth to wipe can completely remove the stain. No fingerprints board generally is the first selection of high quality stainless steel plate, after cutting, pressing, bending, forming, welding, that oil, sand and so on dozens of process all kinds of colored stainless steel decorative sheet, on the surface of the end, the fingerprint processing. No fingerprints what are the advantages: 1, easy to clean surface stains, don't need metal cleaner, some chemicals can make black stainless steel plate; And is not easy sticky fingerprints, dust, feel is exquisite, have super fingerprint resistant and fouling resistance effect. 2, no fingerprints of the transparent membrane layer can protect the metal surface will not scratch easily, because the surface electric plating oil has good membranous, high hardness, not easy to peel, pulverization and yellowing, etc. 3, simple sense is strong, appearance is oily moist, soft feel, have retained the good metal texture. 4, no fingerprints board changed the cold metal, the mechanical properties, looks has a warm, elegant and full of decorative. 5, color stainless steel without fingerprints excellent rust resistance, forming a layer of protective film on metal surface metal internal main effective hindered the erosion, use significantly longer service life. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, beautiful case provided, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen isn't doing a good clean, stainless steel will rust!
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