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Which items in the home for children belong to the safe hidden trouble

by:KNK     2020-08-14

a lot of items in the home to some danger for children, below is the items for children belong to the safe hidden trouble. Tablecloth sometimes in order to decorate the table, will spread a layer of cloth on the table, and the existence of tablecloth is very dangerous for children, so when we are doing in the kitchen when the last dish, may be greedy child tearing antependium wants to climb up the table, this time for month child is very dangerous. Home appliance child curious about anything there is psychological, see the computer, the children can't help but want to stretch out his hand to touch the; See cleaner also want to go to have a try. Home appliance more and more diverse, but the risk is also available, so we use power in a timely and orderly when you need to put away, in case the children touch. Tablets sometimes we eat medicine is conveniently put the medicine on one side, this time the children curiosity may swallow the tablet, so to avoid this situation, after eating the medicine, to pills packed, in the children's reach. Home there are many unsafe goods for children, like a rope, bath crock, toys, Windows, detergents, etc. , so we use in everyday life items in a timely manner, on the children's reach, placed the happening of the accident.

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