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When there is rusty spot how to deal with stainless steel table

by:KNK     2020-07-26

with the continuous development of the stainless steel furniture industry now, different shapes and functions of complex and varied. Stainless steel table is also more common in life now, in the school dining hall, dicos, KFC store shop, the home is to have the presence of the stainless steel table. But how are we to do once the stainless steel rust spots table? To tell you. A cream with pickling, chemical method or spray adjuvant of stainless steel rust parts cleaning the table after passivation forming chrome oxide film has resumed corrosion resistant ability, pickling, in order to remove contaminants and acid residue, proper wash with water is very important. After all processing to polished with polishing equipment, polishing membranes can be used later. Can also be used to local slight pitting 1:1 gasoline and oil mixture with a clean cloth to wipe the rusty spot. Second, the mechanical method, sand blasting, glass or ceramic particles shot blast cleaning, annihilation, scrub and polishing. Using mechanical method could wipe cleared before material, polishing materials, or annihilation caused by pollution. All pollution especially foreign iron particles might be the source of the corrosion, especially in the moist environment. Therefore, the mechanical cleaning surface should be best under the condition of dry cleaning regularly. Stainless steel table using mechanical method can only clean surface, can't change the corrosion resistance of the material itself. So after the mechanical cleaning used to polishing polishing equipment, closed with polishing film. Above is the foshan stainless steel processing company for everybody finishing rust spots processing method of the stainless steel table, everybody know again today? This company specialized production processing stainless steel decoration products, if necessary, please contact phone number: 13520150610

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