What will be the topic of this year, China furniture manufacturing assembly?

by:KNK     2020-08-17

in August this year will be held in dongguan houjie, China furniture manufacturing assembly, so what will be the topic of the conference? The conference will be around the house 'smart, green and connected' float subsequently issues to discuss, explores and lead the future development direction of Chinese furniture industry. And the China furniture manufacturing assembly time is located in the 38th famous furniture exhibition held the day before. The general assembly by the China light industry federation, China furniture association, the dongguan city government, and special support unit is the China's ministry of industry and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Pain to death, the general assembly also invited European, Sophia, nine animal husbandry, family and other excellent domestic household enterprises responsible person as a guest, and will use the topic of 'the most sharp, the highest level of communication'. By looking at the furniture manufacturing assembly we know, the theme of the science and technology is our main productivity, now we want to make our technology and life closely related, at the same time, green has always been a constant theme, because now people pay more attention to health more and more. So in the life more attention to environmental protection, and because of the existence of formaldehyde in furniture and makes people can't rest assured to buy, so to green as the theme of the conference.

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