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What problem should note when buying real wood sofa

by:KNK     2020-08-07

most when buying furniture now people all like solid wood furniture, because real wood furniture is relatively more environmental protection, and solid wood sofa is also very popular. Speaking of solid wood sofa in fact as long as it is at the time of making sofa USES the real wood material can be referred to as solid wood sofa. Now on the market the real wood sofa is mostly the frame is solid wood, and then in the match on the cushion. The combination of modern and traditional is also popular with people, so how solid wood sofa of choose and buy?

what problem should note when buying real wood sofa

the first: to observe the real wood sofa material: solid wood grain and hardness of the material, the higher the hardness, wood grain is beautiful then material is better, but also to see if the material is dry, whether smooth to the touch.

the second: to observe the real wood sofa material quality: we can see the sofa wood on whether there is a natural scar knot or color difference does exist. Also see real wood craze, mildew and bug situation does exist, if these issues so we don't buy.

3: observe whether the structure of sofa is strong, the main mechanical parts such as pillar of sofa, connection between the post bearing stripes to be strong, close to the ground and firm structure, the framework must not loose, do not allow the tenon, broken material. And to see whether the panel of sofa, we can use hand pressure to test the actual situation of the plate, paint film on the surface of the product and wrinkled skin, also don't have sticky paint leakage phenomenon. We can also see its main structure is loose. If loose sofa framework, shaking when a voice.

4: smell the flavor of the solid wood sofa: whether we can smell the real wood sofa stimulating odour, if any, that may be excessive formaldehyde, so we don't buy enough.

5: experience: sofa is what we used to sit, so we need to experience, to see if more comfortable, sit up is the best.

the content above is the introduction to the method of solid wood sofa of choose and buy, in fact, real wood furniture of choose and buy the most important thing is that the formaldehyde content, research shows that the furniture of a few formaldehyde exceeds bid, by at least 10 years before the release of real released into the body's smallest state. Body is the capital of revolution, health is our most should see the, so be sure to pay attention to this.

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