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What kinds of welding process of stainless steel screen have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each welding process?

by:KNK     2020-10-16
With the improvement of modern level, stainless steel decoration engineering application in household life more and more widely, including stainless steel screen but also got the favour of people, it has already is not only a furniture, is also a very good adornment, let you live more chic. So how are these beautiful beautiful stainless steel screen made of, specific how to seamless welded through advanced welding technology, below from stainless steel screen factory personnel to introduce you about the welding technology of the stainless steel screen: everyone should all know, stainless steel screen is made up of a number of units joined by welding method, lap joint interface are welding with argon arc welding method, make each unit between firmly together, after grinding, polishing, or drawing, color plating technology, become the finished product we see at ordinary times the stainless steel screen. From the perspective of the welding process generally has the following three processes: 1 stainless steel screen welding process. Stainless steel screen welding ( Also called fillet welding) : it's on the corner of the Angle of Yang and Yin respectively in the transition of the spot welding and spot welding is at 90 degree Angle point welding welding way several times. There are a lot of beauty that welding. Outside the first sharp corners, good processing, with 80 of grinding, can be directly to the Angle of ground into a circular arc Angle, not need to grinding, and then with 320 grinding grinding Angle of light, the grain mill. But spot welding deficiency from the screen look in the past, is to be able to see the gap of the interface. The size of the gap, and cutting master, welding the teacher has a lot to do, good return of spot welding to product gap is very small, of course gap is small, the better. The screen of the spot welding welding structure is also very strong, because solder joints has fused the original stainless steel material to melt together, become a new structure, so it is strong. During spot welding, must pay attention to inner Angle, just two points of the solder joints, play a fixed role. Note inside right-angle cannot point too much welding, point the two stress; In cartesian point solder joints as far as possible inside, can't point out, avoid positive see solder joints. Most of the screen adopts this kind of spot welding fillet welding welding method, this process is fast, small screen deformation, natural surface, the cost is low in cost, and we can process in this way. 2. Stainless steel screen full welding: full welding seamless welding or what we say at ordinary times, after the welding pass grinding, wire drawing or polishing process, the finished product after welding cracks are invisible. Full welding is mainly use all interface crack on the surface of all wire fill up, then grinding, wire drawing, Polishing) , welded to see the entire screen aperture, and the overall consistent appearance. Full screen weld whole looks beautiful, but processing cost is high, such as material requirements shall not be less than 1. 2 mm, can't really push it too hard grinding, the surface easy to slide, heated after polishing also need to repair welding ( Dit repair welding) And then the overall drawing. Welding stainless steel screen full of artificial one times more than the spot welding screen, therefore made from expensive, star hotel, high-grade decoration villa we usually only with this process. 3. Stainless steel screen positive full welding, spot welding on the back: some screen back against the wall, positive demand is high, so the full welding technology on front, the back to avoid deformation, welding process on the back. This combined with welding and spot welding screen, already beautiful, and stress. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen make the hotel shine brilliantly
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