What kind of sofa is the most scientific both comfortable and useful

by:KNK     2020-08-04

in sofa of choose and buy when we first consider the problem is the appearance and comfort of sofa, the sofa looks beautiful, but also a began to sit up will feel very comfortable, but in the long run will appear all sorts of problems, comfort, also don't want to start, if keep this uncomfortable sitting for long, will produce very big effect to our health. After all belong to the big furniture sofa, so use time very factory, in order to ensure that we are able to comfortably on the sofa rest all the time, we in the choice to choose the sofa of science, that what kind of sofa is the most scientific both comfortable and useful?

what kind of sofa is the most scientific is comfortable and easy

1, the width of the sofa to fit: usually a single person sofa don't less than 48 cm, the width of double sofa not less than 95 cm, the width of the three people in 140 - the width of sofa need Between 145 cm.

2, sofa seat surface and backrest Angle to the right: if the sofa on the left side and the back of a chair Angle is too large, will soon feel sore neck. When trying to investigate the waist with a sofa area, such as the waist can exist in one hand and the seat surface area, is to clarify the Angle of sofa is not appropriate.

3, sofa appropriate: to the height of sofa seat surface height should be appropriate to the height of the calf. Such as seat surface is too high, easy to make the two feet dangling, human body weight on the leg, time for a long time will feel sore leg and back muscles; Too low, such as seat surface bearing surface of the thigh is reduced, will also feel pain.

4, lower the back of a chair of sofa back of a chair is appropriate: most people now enjoy high back of a chair of sofa, think such sofa sitting more comfortable, but that we are relying on sofa, and sofa back not lifted. Without relying on lumbar abdomen words will feel very tired. And low back words will make our body more straight, which is good for our body.

after the above introduction, believe everybody to the choose and buy of sofa already have a certain understanding,. Now that want to find the most scientific sofa is comfortable and easy, we can't only care about the appearance, after all, sofa is used to sit rather than an ornament, so has been changed to comfort, the second is paying attention to the stand or fall of appearance.

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