What choose stainless steel table tips

by:KNK     2020-07-30

main stainless steel table is made of stainless steel for material processing. Stainless steel table has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, durable wait for an advantage. Gradually into people's lives in recent years, the stainless steel table, stainless steel table fine welding technology in promoting the quality of home but also increase the safety of the furniture. Foshan stainless steel factory today is for everybody to introduce what problem should note when choosing stainless steel table? 1, the combination of form a complete set of stainless steel furniture table is often used as the fastening of the metal fittings, so the quality of the metal parts is determined by the quality of the stainless steel table. Metal parts require dexterity, smooth, good surface plating treatment, there can be no rust, burr, etc. , with a higher accuracy. 2, want to make sure that in general the number of meals. If the restaurant area is finite, and the number of repast is not sure, repast personnel may holiday will increase, repast number and seldom at ordinary times, this kind of circumstance, can choose one of the most common style on the market at present - — Telescopic dining tables, namely there is activity board, usually in the middle of the table or off when not in use, if just for the sake of one or two parties choose an oversize dining tables, is a little waste of resources. 3, to choose according to the integral style of the bedroom. Bedroom if is luxury decoration, the table should choose corresponding design, such as the classical style of Europe type style; If bedroom style emphasizes concise, can consider to buy a stainless steel with glass dining tables. In addition, also can buy a few colour and lustre and coordination of tablecloth decorate, deserve to go up otherwise a tablecloth dining tables and refined. 4, choose according to the demand for furniture atmosphere counter shape. The shape of the counter has some effect on the atmosphere of household, rectangular table is more suitable for larger parties; And round tables feel more democratic atmosphere; Irregular desktop, such as the shape of a 'comma', the world is more suitable for two people to use, appear sweet and natural; Otherwise folding style, flexible to use than stationary. 5, household stainless steel table specification table generally high: 750 - 790 mm, eat chair height: 450 - 500mm; Table 2 the overall size: 700 * 850 * 750 mm wide; Table 4 overall size: 1350 * 850 * 750 mm wide; Table 6 overall size: 1400 * 850 * 750 mm wide; Eight people table overall size: 2250 * 850 * 750 mm wide; In the 800 - square table size generally short side control 850, long side is calculated on per capita: control - in 550 700, close to 700 is preferred. Belongs to the practical stainless steel furniture supplies stainless steel table, adornment sex is strong, beautiful, wear-resisting table can promote household taste and grade. Foshan factory main stainless steel table, stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel furniture such as chair, you are always welcome to inquire.

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