What are the implications table shape on the household geomantic?

by:KNK     2020-08-21

in life we often use the table for household geomantic played a important role, and we create good restaurant in the shape of the table is the key to feng shui, so what's the impact table shape on the household geomantic? 1, the round table: circular table suitable for family use, round the reunion, have the effect of bonhomie, is the first choice for the table. Put the round table in the family will promote the family communication, negotiation, order. 2, rectangle table: general because of limited area and use the rectangular table, and rectangular table is easy to distinguish the subject-object division, will be the position of the head of the outstanding and clear. 3, square table: very few people use square table, if use square table, can produce a kind of opposition and intrigue in the family conflict, and a square table will bring cold lonely feeling. Table 4, polygons, polygons or unequal table is relatively rare, families in this table, erratic would happen, the people in the home is not unity, and prone to schizophrenia. In choosing a table, in addition to the shape of the table are selected, with a chair also is very critical, usually had better choose the bottom of the chair, such match not only beautiful, and help effect shipment.

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