What are the disadvantages of board type furniture has what advantage

by:KNK     2020-08-01

board type furniture is now one of the furniture of a lot of people like, because looks similar to real wood furniture, board type furniture and the colour diversity, design is rich, popular with the masses. So what board type furniture has strengths and weaknesses? Below is for you to introduce, so that we in panel furniture of choose and buy time to have a clear understanding.

the advantages of board type furniture:

the raw material of board type furniture is man-made board, wood residue mainly used for processing production, so a solid wood furniture. Some manufacturer chooses called a log of the thick plate of fiber board to make the board type furniture, it in sheet forming, adopt international advanced high temperature pressure technology, use of wood fiber under high temperature and high pressure physical properties of nanometer instant molding, to avoid the resin catalyst ( The formaldehyde) The use of sheet made of environmental protection level and physical properties is better than that of solid wood furniture.

usually configure a variety of board type furniture hardware, remove the assembly is very convenient, and the transportation is very convenient. Board type furniture also has a variety of cover, on color and texture can give us a variety of feelings, style is varied, can make the modelling of produced solid wood furniture can not. Because the raw material of board type furniture is made of artificial, so changes in temperature and humidity, obviously much smaller than solid wood furniture produced by deformation. And the price is relatively cheap, of board type furniture and panel furniture also can recycle, to protect the limited natural resources.

the defect of board type furniture:

the environmental protection of board type furniture is relatively lower, especially in order to seek exorbitant profits some businessmen use inferior materials for production, and the encapsulation of board type furniture is not, it will make the board type furniture formaldehyde release harmful gases, and thus to damage people's health. And because it is man-made board type furniture, so is not the kind of decorative pattern, natural solid wood furniture makes the board type furniture of the lack of natural feeling.

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