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What are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-24

solid wood furniture on the market now is very popular with people, because real wood house has its own unique characteristics, the following is to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture for everyone. The advantage of solid wood furniture, natural environmental protection, a preservation effect using rubber solid wood furniture in the process of making relatively few, and the use of material is also the natural wood, so it's environmental protection; Good classical solid wood furniture maintain good has the very good preservation effect. The defect of real wood furniture: body gleams your solid wood furniture for materials and technical requirements are high, and it's fatal flaw is that as the change of moisture content makes it easy to deformation. And also a lot of requirements in the use process, can't let the sun direct illuminate, cannot super-cooling or overheat, too dry and wet is not appropriate to place solid wood furniture, also do not pay attention to in the process of use is easy to deformation and cracking phenomenon. Another solid wood furniture is commonly used, mortise and tenon joint structure and adhesives products generally can't remove, when we move very inconvenient. And the price of real wood furniture is relatively much higher.

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