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Waste, overdue items

by:KNK     2020-08-23

we all know that any of the items have a shelf life, after the expiration date in May affect our body, so many people in the see furniture will be thrown away after expiration, in fact, even after shelf life, still have other USES oh, let's for the overdue items. Expired: shampoo shampoo contains hair softener, after we can use it to clean our clothes, so that will make our clothes become more soft, but also with the scent of shampoo. Expired milk: we all know that expired milk can be used to apply face, but also can be used as yeast to make steamed steamed out more sweet. At the same time it can also be used to water the flowers. Expired honey: expired honey we can be used to make hair film or used to make lipstick, honey can also eliminate the scar and acne at the same time, we can after washing a face on some honey. Expired creams: like body cream and facial cream after the expiration of such as we can use to wipe our leather goods, so that makes the light of our leather goods more, at the same time it also can prevent hair hair bifurcate. Expired expired beer: beer then we can use to wash your hair, that will make our hair more smooth, and the effect of dandruff, and at the same time it also can be used to clean the Windows, making our glass more bright, of course, it also can maintain flowers, enables the flowers to survive longer. Expired coffee: we can into the body with some coffee grounds in the shower, so it can thoroughly clean the skin, also can have the effect of weight loss. And coffee grounds is able to effectively reduce interference of peculiar smell to us so we can put some smell when the coffee grounds.

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