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To the maintenance of kitchen furniture factory in foshan

by:KNK     2020-08-30

they say the food is, and do things without the kitchen, of course, want to let us make the food delicious, should not only have good cooking skills without complete kitchen furniture. These kitchen furniture cannot be used, however, often new, so this needs us in daily life thoroughly to maintain the kitchen furniture. 1, will not overheat or heavy items directly on top of kitchen furniture, should use isolation frame, etc. , and do not use sharp objects to the kitchen furniture items in a hard surface or wipe the kitchen furniture, use wet cloth with cleaner processing. 2, the surface has serious besmirch or scratches, fireworks burn usable fine sand paper ( 400 - 500). Light grinding surface, then scrub with microfiber cloth. 3, metal bond, hinge, pull basket should be on lubricating oil regularly, to keep the light lubrication. 4, run out of kitchen burning gas, and other items to remember to shut it down, in case of gas leakage caused irreparable mistake, as well as regular inspection on kitchen burning gas, water heaters, microwave ovens, see whether there is leakage, water, air, and we want to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. The right to use the kitchen furniture and timely maintenance, can make kitchen furniture service life growth, can also raise the enthusiasm of we cook food.

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