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by:KNK     2020-09-06

follow the consumption level, people began to pursue diverse nature of the product and doing things, make custom household type growth in these two years on the attack. A lot of custom furniture companies listed, expand itself borders. Hollywood guest custom furniture as one of the ten famous brands in China custom furniture, focus on the whole house custom size, always stand in the modern household market demand, with the tide, leading industry is committed to global consumers to customize their own comfortable living experience. The global think tank, originality from Hollywood to introduce intelligent system and fully automatic equipment, closely with Germany artificial higher car close thinking, foshan custom software furniture factory, to & other; Quality build & throughout; Furniture, use & other; Millimeter & throughout; Produced by the precision requirement. Hollywood guest & other; Smart system & throughout; Fusion, Germany, Italy and other advanced flexible production line, through 22 centering technology, make the manufacturing process more closely. In addition, Hollywood guest have patents skills, to ensure that each momentum verve of design level, each piece of plank of environmental quality, each a product of process precision grade are released. Product is the focus of the enterprise competitiveness. In the future the company will be held transformation product research and development mode, the integration of product research and development in three dimensions: take the market as the guidance, to the user as the center, further meet user requirements, will host a fusion product results and feelings; Held to efficiency as the focus, the scale of the product system landing & ndash; — Product modularity, process dimension, material JianYi, output WanZhengHua; Loyal to the brand beginner's mind, forecasting the tide, furniture factory, mining potential, contact the user demand, to provide innovative solutions. What is sold is not terminated, doing things just started doing things? Deal with Hollywood guest, doing things, not only is for employers to pay more from a & other; Originality & throughout; , for every consumer to create a comfortable and quality. Hollywood guest custom home everybody, KTV sofa, not only to provide consumers with all level of consumption experience, level design, to provide consumers with more people doing things. Sales, design, installation, after-sales is an essential link in custom home, every link close linked lack a can't. Deal with Hollywood guest, carry out production, not trading is terminated, this just is the beginning of the Hollywood guest you customize things. Behind people doing things, Hollywood also in succession after deep deposit as soon as possible to the consumer to purchase all kinds of environment, sincerely carry out brand ignore: & other; Hollywood, quality has always been on the road. ” In the past 15 years, Hollywood guest on doing things to put into action in order to practice & other; You play throughout the &; Concept, forming & throughout; Free gauge, free design, free drawing, the types of team process optimization, the scale, the scale, scale acceptance, quality warranty, life-long maintenance, free disassembling & other; Professional 10 s custom housekeeping skills, in order to give customers the most professional, best quality & other; You play throughout the &; Experience.

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