To introduce the source of the stainless steel hardware furniture factory for you

by:KNK     2020-09-13
Speaking of stainless steel, how much families certainly useful stainless steel products, and common things, so you can know the source of it? The following will introduce you to the source of the stainless steel hardware furniture manufacturer!
stainless steel ( 不锈钢) Is short for acid-proof stainless steel, resistant to weak corrosive medium such as air, steam, water, or with a stainless steel grade is called stainless steel; And resistance to chemical corrosion medium ( Acid, alkali, salt and other chemical etching) Corrosion of steel called acid-resistant steel. Due to the differences in chemical composition and make them both the corrosion resistance of different, ordinary stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical corrosion medium, and acid is commonly have stainless steel.
hardware furniture factory to introduce the invention of stainless steel and use, speaking of stainless steel, dates back to the first world war ii. British scientist Henry cabral, entrusted by the British government's military Arsenal, research weapon of improving work. At that time, the soldier with a rifle barrel easy to wear and tear, Blair want to invent a kind of not easy to wear and tear of alloy steel.
Tony Blair, the invention of stainless steel in 1916 the British patents and start mass production, at this point, from the stainless steel found in the dump was all the rage, Henry cabral, also known as the 'father' of stainless steel. During the first world war, the British guns on the battlefield, always wear cannot be used for a gun and sent back to the rear. Military command in the development of the high strength wear resistant alloy steel production department Mr Blair, specializes in solving the problem of gun barrel's wear. Mr Blair and his aides have collected in the production of various types of steel products at home and abroad, various properties of alloy steel, in a variety of different properties on the mechanical performance of the experiment, and then select the applicable made gun steel. One day, they tested a domestically produced with large amounts of chromium alloy steel, after abrasion experiment, discover this alloy is not wear-resisting, that can't manufacture guns, so, they recorded the experimental results, drop a corner. Months after one day, an aide ran with a piece of steel excitedly looking for Tony Blair said: 'Sir, this is I found in the clean the warehouse from Mr Mullah alloy steel, do you test, to see what's so special it! '' good! 'Blair, look at the bright white steel, said happily.
the experimental results show that: it is a not afraid of acid, alkali, salt, stainless steel. The stainless steel is Germany's mullah invented in 1912, however, the mullahs didn't know what's with this kind of stainless steel.
Tony Blair and calculating way: 'this not wear resistance, corrosion resistance of steel, not guns, tableware can do? 'He said to start to make the stainless steel paring knife, fork, spoon, fruit tray and folding knife, etc. Since then have we now hardware furniture factory production of stainless steel products such as metal furniture.
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