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To improve the feng shui bedroom sleep also your health

by:KNK     2020-08-13

the bedroom is the place where we used to rest, sometimes we will do the whole night through a nightmare, affect our sleep, you may feel that their recent pressure is too big to sleep bad, in fact is not, all is the fault of the feng shui of our bedroom. As long as we decorated the feng shui of the bedroom, can have a healthy sleep, so in daily life how should we set up your bedroom feng shui? The following is to tell you one by one. Bedroom must leave the bed, and every day we are lying in bed furniture, so good is our bed is put first, first of all, we will put in place by the wall of the head of a bed, this means we have the 'anchor', second, not to the entrance of the head of a bed, this is the so-called door blunt in fengshui, and certainly don't toward the window, because the window outside, easily influenced by outside things, let oneself sleep well, cause the depression of the day. Each person's bedroom is hope to have a mirror, but the bedroom had better not put a mirror, if you want to play that will hide the mirror in the wardrobe. Do not put too much and other furniture in the bedroom, put too much can cause 'ghost with' effect, easy to make the person spirit trance. And the light of the bedroom not too bright, can let a person feel dazzling too bright light, also will become irritable temper. Light, of course, also cannot too dark, too dark light can let a person feel very depressed. As long as the soft light, it is good to let a person look comfortable. The average person will in his master bedroom decorating a toilet, but note that the bedroom door and toilet door, or it will affect people's health. Finally it is important to note is the place where we put the bed, don't be above girders. Come and have a look at your bedroom which made taboo, hurry to come over, let oneself have a good sleep.

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