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Those who hide carcinogens in furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-08

now cancer is becoming more and more common in society, are this and our surroundings, especially in our household products but also with a lot of potential carcinogens, here we will give you what are the carcinogenic substances in household products?

carcinogens hidden in the furniture

now common cancer-causing substances mainly plasticizer, bisphenol A, brominated flame retardants, etc. , plasticizer is mainly in order to increase the softness of the material, toughness and elasticity, so to make it more durable, plasticizer mainly exist in the plastics, rubber, adhesives, resins, and cable; Bisphenol A is mainly exists in things such as tableware, pot, bottle, it not only can lead to heart disease also makes female infertility, and even increase the risk of prostate and breast cancer; Brominated flame retardants, mainly exist in the middle part of the electrical appliances shell, carpet, it can produce a cancer-causing substance when burning.

let's have a look at the household in which items contain carcinogenic substance

bedroom: women have dresser in the bedroom, dresser above there are a lot of cosmetics, the formaldehyde in cosmetics, resin can damage the eyes, Talc is contained in powder, powder, is a kind of carcinogenic substance. Little wardrobe may not stretch nylon pants, nylon socks, tights, nylon polyester synthetic fabrics after human body heat, can release trace & other Plastic monomer & throughout; 。 Clothes processing with soft agent, aerosol and antistatic agent were also have potential harm to human body. Do you often go to the dry cleaner? Really convenient and clean, and can protect the clothes. But clothes dry cleaners, highly-effective cleaning agent with ethylene oxide, to the person's liver and bone marrow hematopoietic function were damaged.

study: the study of the clearing agent and modifying agent, ink printing modify fluid contains a lot of toxic chemicals, excessive intake will make us increase the probability of acute heart disease.

: the kitchen in the kitchen washing items contain some chemical components, which are responsible for our skin are destroyed, which affects our health. And detergent don't have to use, such as clean lavatory agent and which has the function of bleached detergents are used together, can produce toxic ammonia and chlorine, excessive intake can make our lung inflammation and even lungs.

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