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There is something wrong with the furniture size, industrial and commercial rights back

by:KNK     2020-08-14

on July 24, lanzhou city industrial and commercial bureau high branch of new area industrial and received the consumers complaints
wang, wang, said in a household store in lanzhou, a store within the custom a wardrobe, but install, found a discrepancy between the size of the wardrobe and notes the size of the above, the installation of the effect is very bad, the cabinet below and metope can stick together, but between the top of the cupboard and metope is 10 cm of aperture,
from the side will also be able to find cabinet is inclined. Wang find business theory, in the hope that businessmen can return, but the businessman said to be the problem of metope, so determined not to return, wang reluctantly had to complaints. New area after industrial and acceptance of the complaint investigation of the facts, found is indeed the store staff negligence when measure the cabinet size is not appropriate. Industrial and commercial staff explained the 'consumer rights and interests protects a law' to the store, head, eventually businessman agreed to dismantle the chest of drawers, and return the payment to apologize to Ms. Wang.

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