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The window of hardware furniture factory has stainless steel furniture and shortcomings

by:KNK     2020-09-13
Can be divided into 1, stainless steel ambry window: stainless steel ambry can close, all components can be installed freely and combination, the function is all ready. Stainless steel ambry design mostly for simple straight line, horizontal flat vertical, reduce unnecessary decoration line, to build a broad feeling of the space. Hardware furniture factory analysis in the main body of this atmosphere, cistern, kitchen is provided of the same material, smoke lampblack machine can more hidden embedded in it, feel one integrated mass. Hardware furniture factory remind to prevent the bottom ark and condole ark of hard material noises by opening and closing, cabinets will be installed in these places sound, make you enjoy the quiet time.
2, stainless steel mesa window: at the moment all that can be used for the material of kitchen mesa, the ability to resist bacteria regeneration of stainless steel ranked the first, so in the above food, should be the most health. Appearance of stainless steel mesa is avant-garde and shiny show it is not easy to dirty. Even with oil, easy to clean, use many days still shine like new. Feel cool in summer, can eliminate the cooking process of the feeling of hot smoked anxiety.
shortcomings: beautiful things often have vulnerable qualities, once be sharp scratches will leave traces of cannot be undone, hardware furniture factory advice at ordinary times to wipe the surface must be aware of.
3, stainless steel water trough window: put in the side of the stainless steel water trough push-pull card slot cutting boards, good fruit and vegetable washing directly on the chopping block cutting, to the nearest from the travelling back and forth. It is wear-resisting, easy to clean, the design of the partition size can fully embody the fun of the division of labor.
4, stainless steel lifting table: free to lift the bar, let eat more rich fun. Smoked pull type design of the power socket, will not affect the mesa smooth and beautiful.
5, stainless steel roller frame: do ambry, set aside a simple room placed a belt pulley of the stainless steel frame. After a few commonly used goods can be put above, use back in situ, can save a space so. If there is no local cuisine, can also be placed in the top of the block as a temporary work station.
6 drawer, stainless steel, steel pump is a lot of families when choosing ambry 'grind' project, in fact just chose it, you will realize the opening and closing is how smooth, every time take is an enjoyment.
share the content of the above is hardware furniture factory, hope can help to you.
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