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The wallpaper of different places in the room how to choose

by:KNK     2020-08-23

now to decorate in the family would choose wallpaper to decorate their own space, different rooms to choose wallpaper is also different, so how to select different parts of the wallpaper in the room? 1, sitting room, the sitting room is the place that family and guests stay the longest time, at this time of sofa wall, TV wall must become the core of the emotional communication area, so the wallpaper in the choice of the sitting room as far as possible choose yellow, shallow ash, rice white downy and tonal, if you want to color bouncing wallpaper, can use local, not to a wide range of use. The use frequency of the sitting room, so when choosing wallpaper had better choose not easy leg color, fire damp, and because of the sitting room area is larger, at the time of choice can choose a variety of designs for Mosaic. 2, restaurant: the restaurant is the place that family share the delicious, so at the time of choosing wallpaper color to choose red or green wallpaper, because red is exciting, and green can maintain the appetite. 3, bedroom: the bedroom is the place that we take a rest, so you need to dress up of sweet and comfortable can help to have a rest. Bedroom can choose warm or cool colors, flowers can be large or small broken flower pattern, and the wallpaper of bedroom and bedding, curtains, lighting and other elements, monochrome or simple and elegant design is suitable for the four walls of the bedroom, if you want to the colour of individual character, can consider to put in the back of the head of a bed or single wall local laid. 4, study: the study is used for office reading place, so you can choose light blue, light grey, yellow and other colors, so can make the study seems to be quiet.

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