The types of household air purifier and maintenance methods

by:KNK     2020-08-05

in recent years, the haze of beijing-tianjin-hebei region is more and more serious, especially in the last few days is more serious, the children began to have a holiday. Avoid excessive inhalation of mist haze. Today the fog haze pollution reached a new height, basically within 10 meters can't see. People took to the streets must bring haze masks, and some families even bought air purifier placed in the home, can help us to outside air purification in appeared in the interior. What are the types of air purifiers and maintenance method? We are on the next.

the types of air purifiers:

in accordance with the principle of work points: passive purification class ( Filter purification class) Purification, active class ( No mesh type) Purification and double class ( Active passive purification purification +) 。 Principle of passive air purifier by fan air suction machine, through the built-in filter to filter the air, can filter dust, odors, toxic gas and kill some bacteria. And active air purifier principle, get rid of the limitation of the fan and filter, effectively and actively to release air sterilization of silver and reach every corner of the indoor air purification. Double purifying class is combined with the working principle of purification passive and active purification, let purifier have the function of both at the same time.

maintenance methods of air purifier

1, smooth place: place, shall ensure that the bottom of the machine and its contact surface smooth. Places where shall ensure that the inlet and outlet of the machine.

2, select the appropriate air volume, air purifier wind speed selection generally have 3 files, usually choose 2 medium speed. According to the degree of indoor air pollution ( Such as the air circulation situation, the number inside the bedroom, etc. ) Also can choose 1 'at low speed or high speed 3 gears.

3, enable the negative ion function: in the boot state, can choose to use a negative oxygen ion function according to need.

4, regular cleaning filters: we are in the process of using, because front screen will use time for a long time, so as to shed a lot of dust, requires us to clean, at this time to avoid impact into the wind. There is a filter to filter the harmful material, it has certain adsorption, so a lot of harmful substances were left in the filter net, but more than the adsorption effect of filter, we will need to be replaced, avoid to cause secondary pollution.

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