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The stainless steel screen can not jing I lose you

by:KNK     2020-10-14
After, as the wind screen, partition, the purpose of the hidden, rise to adorn the effect of environment and beautification space, and so enduring circulates, and derived a variety of forms. Because of its particularity, mainly used in commercial decoration, such as: hotel decoration, hotel decoration, decoration, the exhibition hall decoration, high-end decorative field of senior restaurant decoration and so on, become the most eye-catching part of the decoration business. What are the advantages of titanium coating on stainless steel screen, compared with ordinary stainless steel screen more unique its selling point: a partition screen is more beautiful, titanium plating for stainless steel plate, titanium belongs to this kind of nonferrous metal, after the partition of titanium coating on surface of stainless steel, to its original that silver stainless steel partition into all sorts of color only. And make the color of the surface layer is higher, can very good light refraction, improved the stainless steel partition of artistic beauty. Make it not only with metallic luster, and excellent visual effect. Second, the plating titanium anticorrosive can enhance villa stainless steel screen. Although the stainless steel screen is made of stainless steel material, but after wind and rain erosion, after a period of time, or will be rusty. Stainless steel screen after plating titanium, equivalent to form a layer of protection membrane on the surface of the, if the surface is not scratched, basic won't rust in 20 years. And after plating titanium stainless steel screen surface is not easy to scratch. In addition to drawing stainless steel screen, titanium plating when do no fingerprint processing, even on the surface dust, clean with clear water directly can make the color if brightness is new. Three titanium plating, stainless steel partition minimum about air pollution. Technical of titanium coating on titanium coating on stainless steel partition use vacuum pump, let the electricity flow according to the titanium plate, titanium ionized into positive ions, then combined with stainless steel plate. When titanium coating on titanium plating furnace vacuum packaging solution, thus no flavor of titanium coating. Compared to traditional spraying or electrostatic spraying, pollution is almost zero. Four, stainless steel screen material stored in the air, even for a short time, diffuse in the dust in the air or oil particles, such as will adhesive layer formed on the surface contamination. Dirt can be roughly divided into two categories, one is inorganic contaminants, including abrasive particles, the dust in the air and stainless steel screen powder and so on. Another kind is the organic contaminants, including animal and plant oil, mineral oil, mixed oil, hot adhesive and polishing paste residue, etc. Electroplating, even a trace of dirt layer residues at the surface, can cause coating combined with fragile and defects such as peeling, so it is important to remove all dirt layer, the process is called oil removal. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next up: the attraction of stainless steel screen which you know?
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