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The sitting room tea table maintenance small coup

by:KNK     2020-07-31

tea table is when to begin to become popular? Probably is after the qing dynasty, in fact, as early as the Ming dynasty has a similar furniture and tea table, also has other functions, the tea table of the time is not now the tea table, with the evolution of the slowly, into our tea table. The sitting room is usually placed in front of the sofa, tea table and the sitting room tea table is relatively small, but the style of sitting room tea table is varied. Now sitting room tea table is indispensable for every household furniture, now can be put on the tea table, at the same time also can be used to store content. Tea table is so important, then how can we maintain in daily life?

don't put first the tea table surface overheating or good things, and put something to should take put down gently, if carelessly spilled water or tea on the above, swab to in a timely manner, so as to avoid a long time mark. The ground of the tea table do not put in direct sunlight at the same time, the sun will fade the color of the surface of the sun, make our tea table becomes ugly, if you can not avoid direct sunlight and we can be set in the window curtains, the sun when the curtains, so that can avoid.

second when we put in tea table must be smooth, not smooth, that puts make tea table often shake, interface would be a bit, so certainly will influence the service life of the tea table. So single we found that the tea table is not stable, can be in in the Angle of tea table mat paper or wood to make it smooth.

the last is the tea table in the cleaning time to use cotton or soft cloth to as rags. If we brush the paint on the tea table, so we can't the solvent of alcohol and gasoline scrub. We can give our tea table a wax polish, can enhance the gloss of tea table, it looks like new. And we can no longer be placed on tea table is overweight, so as to avoid out of the reach of the tea table to table to crush.

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