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The sitting room of noise reduction method

by:KNK     2020-07-28

when we sit in the sitting room often hear sounds from outside, they may be from outside voices, also may be noise from downstairs, these make our home become noisy, sometimes chat or watching TV with my family, will be affected, let us very irritable. We do it today for the sitting room noise reduction method, so that they can be also a quiet sitting room. Sitting room noise reduction method of
1, the first is to change when we decorate can sound insulation of Windows and doors, so to a certain degree of above can reduce the noise interference for us.
2, the second in some sound may be because the wall leakage to incoming, so that we can to damping the walls to reduce the noise interference, namely special acoustic processing in metope, will generate vibration absorption, noise sound waves. But surely the wall vibration reduction processing will loss of interior space. At the same time, we can also be soft packet processing of metope, this also is one way to reduce noise. The wall thickness of soft package use thicker bubble, linen, cotton and other materials will bubble wrap up, and then paste to metope, sound-absorbing effect. Before the soft package should understand the noise reduction effect, whether can achieve the ideal sound environment.
3, 'package' pipeline noise reduction, to drain pipe noise, especially the sound of a toilet and shower hose, very affects people's sleep at night. At present, the new buildings use most of the water supply and drainage pipeline for PVC pipe, flush the voice of the more obvious, if the voice of the water pipe is too large, also need to be noise reduction processing. Experts said the pipeline noise reduction method is more, you can directly with rock cotton, sponge, sound-absorbing materials such as organic cotton would pipe wrapped up, also can use the light body brick of the modelling of the rules of pipeline external build by laying bricks or stones becomes, after the plaster sticks ceramic tile, not only beautiful and also can achieve good noise reduction effect. Before decorate, the owner can detect the noise of the pipe flushing, then choose the way to noise reduction.
4, we can use cloth art furniture and curtain to stop the noise, because the fabric of our voice can sound-absorbing effect, so that we hear is small. Especially the curtain is good keep out the noise outside.
tell everyone sitting room noise reduction method, we can also apply it in the middle of the room, so we can get from the interference of noise, especially for our study and bedroom, but also need to focus on noise reduction.

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