The quality of life will be stainless steel screen to decorate

by:KNK     2020-11-07
Color screen can now be used as furniture, stainless steel screen as an important part of traditional furniture, has a long history. Color stainless steel screen manufacturers generally display in the indoor location, become an integral part of home decoration, presents a harmonious beauty, quiet beauty. Stainless steel screen design is very concise and easy, fashion lines, broke the traditional mode, the furniture is not only a unique classical design part, work is very delicate and paragraphs. Most contracted modelling, alternating between agile development lines will give a person a kind of infinite daydream space, will give the owner can bring inspiration. First of all, as by the stainless steel pipe, through welding, grinding and polishing of the base material, plating described handicraft processing to the welding and seam welding seamless two types can be combined, and adornment demand to choose according to actual situation. High-grade stainless steel screen can be applied to the hotel, KTV, villas, hotels, high-grade service center of bath, large enterprises market, theatres, stores, and even domestic automobile decoration, design a variety of European and Chinese picture for you! A: the Chinese style screen show the beauty of the ancient next article: stainless steel decoration industry trend analysis
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