The purchase of new furniture and old furniture aftercare

by:KNK     2020-07-28

I don't know if every one have this kind of feeling, buy to return to the new object always wanted to have a directly, and furniture also is such, when the furniture return to always want to directly on the use of, but directly use new furniture and owe good, since new furniture probably contains certain amount of harmful gases, we are using the best air in the empty room before re-use, if we buy furniture is the house that new clothes builds, that don't try so hard, the more new decorating a new house and furniture contain harmful gases, we need more air for a long period of time, make its volatile out.

notice items of the new furniture, man-made board construction must pay attention to when using the chest. Just don't put the trial suits, pajamas, children dress up in inside. Because formaldehyde is a kind of allergic source, when the amount of formaldehyde free from the fiber into the skin above must limit, can make a person happen wrong echo dermatitis, more diffuse yan in the human body's chest, back, shoulder, elbow, legs and feet and so on. Summer in the wardrobe quilt also want to pay attention to, neri loads of formaldehyde adsorption, is bound to enrich the reoccupy after dries.
2, cloth art sofa is not only pay attention to the fabric, filling more fastidious, used to fill material must be reality, elastic trim, regardless of the extrusion, after the release of pressure can rebound quickly, and there is no pollution.
3, in the interior and furniture to adopt some effective purification way and material, furniture can be low release of harmful gases. Like open air conditioning, speeds up the atmosphere of the activity, could use the purifier to hold processing punishment. Let furniture as a new good pace
our furniture in everyday use in the process of city let lose its original colour and lustre, becomes more and more old, so how to make the furniture 'the spirit of originally, the foshan furniture customization, here we introduce it.
1, if all the furniture in the home is real wood, so we need to use water spray wax water directly on the furniture appearance, dry with a soft dry cloth, then furniture will also return to original colour and lustre, if we invented furniture appearance has scratches, can be in a place with scratches with cod liver oil, and then after a day with a wet cloth to wipe clean.
2, milk can also be used to wipe the wooden furniture, pick up a piece of clean dishcloth dip in overdue can't drink milk, and then use the rag wipe table, cabinet, such as wooden furniture, decontamination result is very good, remember the last must use water to clean it again.
3, painted furniture stained with dust, can use wet gauze tea leaves to wipe, or scrub with cold boiled water, will be more fresh and clear and bright.
4, we touch with clean flannelette leather sofa can take egg qing dynasty held to wipe, it can remove the stains, as well as to restore its rise and light.
5, kitchen countertops, match with white radish can hold to wipe, clean agent to remove oil, at the same time also can form a layer of covering film on the table.
if we want to buy furniture, so might as well to the furniture factory, have a look at the furniture here are of good quality, value, and the design of furniture are held strictly credentials ergonomic design, select material quality at the same time, we won't appear uncomfortable when using environment. Have need can contact we may directly for travel, hotel furniture, sofa factory, foshan to deal with the foshan and the surrounding urban we provide free shuttle doing things.

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