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The production process of stainless steel furniture is what

by:KNK     2020-09-03

stainless steel furniture production process flow and most of the stainless steel products, need to begin from drawings of the draw, with drawings to blanking, will be distributed each link needed drawings to different link, so as to avoid problems in the production process. Drawings production is completed, technical personnel need to completely according to the requirements of the drawings, for cutting, welding, grinding and other processing. Now there are a lot of stainless steel furniture are plated titanium or bronze do old processing, in order to improve the beautiful degree of the stainless steel furniture, so if there is a need to have price surface treatment. Like to like what we know, different manufacturer production product quality is different, stainless steel products used in the life of the selected process also have very big difference, also can saying is each kind of product are belong to the processing method of their own, all stainless steel furniture and need to match the glass, marble mesa, stainless steel pieces of furniture of production should belong to two different processing methods, all stainless steel welding, polishing, bending furniture will have access to, and so on processing technology, and many other materials need to match the stainless steel furniture, may also involve the processing way in front of, but add a other material processing services. These are processing differences between two kinds of different products, so in the choice of stainless steel products processing technology, to learn a lot from the old factory learning, after all these manufacturers have so many years of machining experience, certainly the choice of product manufacturing processes and technology have a certain understanding. 1, polishing stainless steel surface treatment technology of furniture, drawing: stainless steel polishing methods have mechanical polishing, high brightness, the current mainstream mirror is one of the essential process of stainless steel furniture. Drawing is in stainless steel furniture surface to pull out a lot of different thickness in the same direction of silk thread, because of the brightness of the silk thread is higher than other places, so it looks very beautiful. 2, titanium plating, bronze do old: this is a very mainstream at present two kinds of stainless steel furniture surface treatment technology, a lot of people feel the pure stainless steel furniture metal feeling is too strong, is monotonous. So choose plating titanium surface processing to turn it into a rose gold, titanium, titanium black, champagne gold, or the bronze do old made green bronze, red bronze, the color of the two styles. Titanium plated stainless steel furniture more fashionable bright beautiful, suitable for high-grade and used in most modern places. Bronze do old stainless steel furniture is composed atmosphere, very suitable for customers like traditional style is used. Other material process of stainless steel stainless steel furniture furniture can match the rest of the material is basically a glass, wood, marble, etc. , and use are mostly as a mesa. Production process is simple, through the equipment into the corresponding shape, and then through the suction cups, steel roof + shadowless glue, screws, and stainless steel parts together is it is ok. So the whole stainless steel furniture is completed, now basically all stainless steel furniture production process is talked about above these, some simple may choose only can complete several machining processes, depending on what kind of products. Is a professional provide all kinds of custom stainless steel furniture manufacturers, the company can provide all kinds of engineering type stainless steel furniture customization service, also can keep cooperation and furniture factory, custom processing services to provide high quality stainless steel parts.

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