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The processing technology of the stainless steel furniture, metal furniture foshan custom manufacturers

by:KNK     2020-08-09

in contemporary adornment is decorated in, relatively light much wind is popular with the young urbanites. Compared with modern decoration style, light some more simple fashion wind luxury. Stainless steel furniture is produced by various materials after some processing technology, the use function of furniture design in addition to meet the basic, but also the appearance is beautiful. A, stainless steel furniture design requirements: 1, familiar with the types, performance and specifications of raw materials and sources; 2, according to the existing materials to design a good product, best advantage; 3,
good at using all kinds of new materials, to improve the quality of the products, increase the beautiful sex products, in addition to the commonly used wood, metal, plastic, and rattan, bamboo, glass, rubber, fabric, decorative materials, leather, sponge, fiberglass, etc. However, not any material can be used in furniture production, the application of material of furniture also has certain selectivity, mainly to the following factors should be considered. Second, stainless steel furniture processing manufaturability: 1, texture and appearance quality. Material quality of a material and sense of texture determines the appearance quality of the product. Stainless steel furniture material, texture and natural, beautiful, image lifelike, feel is good, and easy processing, coloring, is the production of furniture of the finest materials. And it has good performance of coloring, its service life and wide range of use. 2, economy. Furniture material economy include material price, material processing and labor cost, material utilization ratio and the richness of material sources. 3, strength. Aspects to consider its grip strength and splitting resistance and elastic modulus. 4, surface decorative performance. In general, the surface decorative performance is to point to to paint, glue stick, sculpture, color, very hot, flipping the adornment such as the feasibility. 5, environmental protection. Stainless steel furniture besides considering the above factors, there are still a factor that nots allow to ignore, it is furniture material whether there is a danger to the human body to release, it is also more and more consumers are choosing furniture is willing and considered in the first place.
, for example, over whether modern plate with E1 plate evaporation and without harmful gas, adhesives, paint with what brand and so on, are common reflect consumer concern for furniture material harmful emissions. As timber resources of the world's dwindling, many can replace human consider other log is understandable, but whatever the material, environmental protection is the biggest hot forever. Foshan is a professional stainless steel metal furniture manufacturers, can undertake stainless steel eat desk and chair, stainless steel table, stainless steel stainless steel furniture custom processing services, such as screen welcome customers interested in consulting at any time.

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