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The price of custom stainless steel screen

by:KNK     2020-10-18
Stainless steel screen is not similar to clothing, footwear, POTS and pans, etc can be made into the tens of thousands of product sales, or have a clear price. But because of this, private custom became one of the features of stainless steel screen. In custom, why price difference so big? First of all, the well-known material problem. Material is different, the price is different. Thickness, length, are all affect the price. Under various conditions are the same, the material of different may be decided the difference of the price. In addition, the plating color, choose different colors of custom pieces, the degree of color in different ways, the price is different also, this is a process of comprehensive treatment. And, the mode of transportation also affects in a big part of the price, is the maritime transport, air transport, road transportation, or just simple delivery problems, the results may vary. Finally, the custom pieces how much is also very important. Struggle, for example, to design a kind of stainless steel screen, material, color, and so on various aspects all have already decided, after each other as long as a goods, the price is expensive. Actually not expensive, just because the stainless steel screen products in order to take a little advantage of cargo, if say ten, one hundred, this advantage is very big, can use of resources in many ways, price nature is down. Stainless steel screen customization is not clean out treasure to buy clothes, basic fixed price, the price of stainless steel screen products will be affected by many factors. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: hotel stainless steel screen color selection
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