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The origin of the stainless steel screen mirror effect

by:KNK     2020-10-16
We all wonder stainless steel mirror or 8 k is how to screen, then let us know. Polishing process of first of all, on the way to visual inspection of the artifacts, such as whether there is leakage welding seam, welding wear, solder joint depth is uneven, deviating from the seam too far, local sag, docking not neat, whether to have deep scratches, damaged, deformation, etc. In this process will be able to remedy the defects, if has the above defects should return on process modification. If without the flaw, enter this polishing process. Coarse grinding: use 600 # of abrasive belt grinding back and forth on the three artifacts, this process to achieve the goal is to remove the workpiece welding solder joints, as well as in shangbu process, bruised to joint the rounded preliminary forming, horizontal and vertical plane basic no scratches, no collision, after this step in the process of workpiece surface roughness should be able to achieve R0. 8mm。 Pay attention to pay attention to in the process of polishing sand machine Angle and control the fine sand machine pressure on the workpiece. In general to be cast surface into a straight line is moderate. Semi finished: use 800 # abrasive belt grinder in according to the method of grinding workpiece back and forth in front of the three sides, mainly to modify process appeared in front of the seam and the coarse grinding after further on the imprint of fine grinding, the mark to the left front process repeatedly grinding, the surface and no scratches, basic lights. In this process the surface roughness should be able to achieve R0. 4mm。 Fine grinding: use 1000 # abrasive belt is mainly for step process of fine grain line correction before grinding, grinding method with on. This process is to achieve the goal of the grinding parts and artifacts without grinding seam basic disappearance, surface brightness, further through this process basic close to the mirror effect, and after grinding of workpiece surface roughness should be able to achieve R0. 1mm。 Check whether there is leakage polished to 1000 #, all welds not entirely grinding, coarse grinding trace, severe destruction of protective film, as well as excessive, excessive rounded corners, both ends in grinding, grinding uneven in some places shades, etc all kinds of polishing grinding phase in a light stage beyond repair problems, if there are problems need to be returned to grind or repair. Mirror polishing stage: using the high speed motor drive with wool wheel ( The market is available) With big green wax to simulate the polishing method in front of the mirror polishing, purpose of this procedure is to put the process after the first few mirror finish, polishing the finished workpiece rather than further grinding. Note that step in the process operation should not be polishing wax to rub the workpiece surface cladding, be careful not to cover membrane injury. Polish: this process is mirror polishing after the procedure, with a clean cotton cloth round after a mirror-like surface friction, will clean all previous process after the completion of the workpiece, polished. Could not tell the difference between the goal of this process is the workpiece surface welding marks, and will throw ground workpiece polishing wax, high brightness to mirror 8 k, and the workpiece in sections and never throw almost see no difference. Achieve full mirror effect. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: household stainless steel screen color selection method
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