The new trend of the stainless steel screen partition ornament adornment

by:KNK     2020-10-17
Screen has a long history of development, but with its unique charm and rich cultural connotation of the modelling of the spread in the world, today. With the evolution of the aesthetic tendency in different periods, from simple screen cover, wind function deepening to carry Chinese classical aesthetic connotation, has presented the people higher pursuit of fashion. And thus is more and more designers are paying attention to aesthetic charm to deduce the beauty of the shape of the screen, the beauty of coloured drawing or pattern and elegant beauty. Screen with a slightly created aftertaste of visual effect, is dark twists and turns with the Chinese psychological coincides with mine. So often by the ancients as the mood depressed screen image used in poetry, li shangyin's 'mica screen ZhuYing deep, long river falls gradually sank lucifer', through the sky in mica candle projection screen shadow, to depict the poet to even the darkness lonely feelings, gives the screen more deep metaphorical meaning. Screen in addition to its practical and aesthetic value, its value of painting is wonderful artical excelling nature, is the ancient 'float world draw,' we know the meaning of partition is separating the facade of interior space, separated by a space, make indoor space can be better use. Life partition is now more to the more functions and characteristics, in the division of space at the same time also decorate beautification effect of space environment. The kinds of partition on the market at present there are a lot of, that you know what is the difference between stainless steel partition and partition aluminum alloy? One partition and partition of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, the difference between 1 stainless steel, stainless steel glass partition is one of the stainless steel partition, glass partition is in stainless steel as the frame of the glass partition, relative to the other materials of high hardness is higher, alamogordo metal workshop can make the color of the suitable for different occasions, such as hotel glass partition we have local tyrants gold, rose gold, champagne gold, can choose, to embody the place of recreational function, and shops, Banks, offices, had better choose the black titanium, relatively low-key color such as brown to highlight business, and it will fit the structure stability and convergent, repetitive use and fire intensity is very high. 2 partition using partition aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy aluminum alloy frame for decoration and fixed materials, will be the whole piece of glass ( Single or double) Installed in the aluminum alloy frame, form whole partition effect. In the office, showrooms, home decoration and so on are widely used. Aluminum alloy frame and glass specification and process can customize according to customer's requirements. Aluminum alloy profile 1. 2mm- 2. 0 mm thickness, surface treatment of anode frosted oxidation, powder coating, acrylic dilute acid and fluorine carbon spraying, electrophoresis, wood grain transfer printing, etc are available. 3 partition and partition of aluminum alloy and stainless steel two kinds of the wide variety of partition, can let the combination, can design according to customer requirements. Both belong to metal material, waterproof, wear-resisting corrosion resistance, and fire safety, have the luster of the metal itself at the same time, can foil the atmosphere environment. So when choosing partition products partition is to pay special attention to, can use the partition of new materials and new technology company to a great extent, make up for the general defects of market products, give you more freedom to choose. 4, partition decoration application scope of office buildings, fairs, size conference room, hall, hotel multi-function hall, high-grade villas, the place such as colleges and universities, Banks and hospitals, these places are basically accounted for the vast majority of the partition of the current market. The kinds of partition on the market at present there are a lot of, like aluminum alloy partition partition and partition, the whole plate, stainless steel screen partition, etc. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, beautiful case provided, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen - - - The beauty of decoration atmosphere, give you different household life!
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