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The necessity of metal furniture material and process innovation

by:KNK     2020-09-11

metal furniture material and technology innovation is a must for things, furniture as necessities of life, after years of development, has been on some style to make technological innovation. Poor and permanence follows, constant innovation and seek only to win in the competition in furniture. By now the developing trend of metal furniture, materials and technology innovation are indispensable. The unique structure of the metal furniture, metal furniture is not alone the furniture of metal processing, all through the metal with other materials and furniture can actually called metal furniture. So its on the material and process of innovation is also very easy. Metal furniture material and process of 1, the material of the necessity of innovation: the innovation of the material has been as an effective way of furniture design innovation, the emergence of new materials will typically bring change for furniture design. The author thinks that the way of metal furniture material innovation should include: first, the new material research and development and effective use. All the emergence of a new material represents the birth of a new technology, such as aluminum, metal containing carbon composition of different steel and so on. Second, the material between the new way of collocation. The combined all kinds of metal furniture material, different combinations have different visual perception and texture. Materials such as glass and steel tube, rattan wood and metal, etc. 2, process innovation: metal furniture on craft innovation mainly displays in: first, the industrialized production; First, the process structure; Third, the green environmental protection. Industrial production is mainly refers to the use of industrialized production batch production. Process structures, displays in: metal materials in the molding process, metal furniture match other material processing molding process, the connection between the process of metal material, metal material and other material collocation when using connection technology, and the use of the hardware and so on. Different process structure can produce different modelling, therefore is an important part of modelling of innovation. Technique is to ensure that the metal furniture realized innovation design constraints, is to influence the success or failure of the design. Green is mainly manifested in green sexual materials. Because of metal furniture in materials and processing technology on the particularity of, let it in the furniture industry has developed rapidly, now is more and more big, the demand for metal furniture must be followed by an increase in competition. Under the condition of the traditional furniture still occupies a large share, metal furniture only constant innovation, can in the future development of more walk more far. It under the environment of the market, or in the case of competing. Now metal furniture material and process innovation, is the real difficulty, also is the breakthrough point of future development.

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