The maintenance of the children's wardrobe

by:KNK     2020-08-23

children's safety and health has always been our most concern, we all know that children's furniture is a big problem to parents when buy, actually buy furniture, furniture also is very important to maintain, let's for the maintenance of children's wardrobe. Children wardrobe refers to children room for clothes cabinet furniture. From use on the chest can be divided into three categories: sliding door children's wardrobe, flat open children's wardrobe and open children's wardrobe. We are in the process of using children's chest to avoid damage or scratched surface of wardrobe, if we are not careful to scratch, can dip in with cotton available some ash mixture with lemon juice or Fried grain oil inunction, after being dry, waxing maintenance, if it is scratch deeper or more severe bruised, you will need to harmonize with the paint color, or to the wardrobe shop buy complementary agent back to repair. The use of children for the wardrobe is certainly more without manners, so we must be conducted on a regular basis in the process of using the check to see whether the hardware fittings of children to fail or a bit, and we also need to apply grease on the hardware to prevent rust. In daily life but also to clean children's wardrobe, we want to clean closet door in a timely manner, and if it is to guarantee the clean of orbit, with a track to prevent the happening of 'derailed'. When we put in the children's chest must level off, avoid the wardrobe will fall, and to put it in ventilated place, keep dry wardrobe, in order to avoid mildew, chest at the same time also can make the wardrobe clothes dry, children's wear in the body comfortable.

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