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The importance of stainless steel pad of paper

by:KNK     2020-10-14
For cold rolled stainless steel coil and steel plate, we should all ask pad of paper. Paper's purpose is very clear, protect the stainless steel panel. Relative to the general carbon steel, stainless steel one of the biggest characteristic is extremely high surface requirements, any scratches, concave and convex points, crease could make products to be scrapped, and pad of paper is one of the effective ways to protect board face. But the paper also has a lot of attention: 1, the use of fine craft paper. In general from the coil of recycling paper quality is ok, but in the process of recycling, paper folds can occur, or tape to connect and overlapping, these may affect the plate; 2, don't use the wet paper. Paper if moisture content is too high, may be pasted on the panel, a long time it will be hard to remove; 3, in the process of open flat, especially sheet ( 0. Below 4 mm) , it is important to note pad of paper smoothness, any folds of a piece of paper will brings to the sheet of paper indentation; Article 4, and if the roll packing paper, packing paper rather than too wide nor too narrow, too narrow on the thickness of the paper and will bring great influence to the winding. A: colored stainless steel have off color problem? Next article: stainless steel chemical and physical mechanical properties
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