The immanent quality of furniture how know

by:KNK     2020-08-18

in furniture of choose and buy we know are often cheated by the appearance of furniture, buy furniture to make us feel disappointed. This tells us to buy furniture, furniture appearance, not only pay attention to at the same time also note the immanent quality of furniture, so we can buy the furniture of good quality and beautiful appearance. So the immanent quality of furniture how know? Let's to talk well to identify the inherent quality of furniture. 1, observation woodiness merits: furniture drawers or open cupboard door, see if the material of these places is dry, and white no magazines, we see with our hands press the furniture at the same time will not be mark to judge the furniture is very strong. Generally inferior wood or yellow heart wood order material not only brown spots of colour and lustre, woodiness is also very soft. 2, observation woodiness with and without defects: furniture main stress parts of the box, connection between columns near the ground bearing stripes, there should be no big knot and crack, crack. Otherwise not only affect beautiful, at the same time also can affect the service life of furniture. 3, observe the surface strength, surface strength finger are available, and to feel the pan fastness, surface material should be well glyph skeleton to fixed, if the skeleton thinning, a press surface will feel nothing false, panel vibration is very large. Drawer bottom can be pressed in hand, try to strength. 4, skirt due protection: decorated with all kinds of cover material on the surface of the furniture, the article had protective skirt should be close to the ground, or a 3 mm thick layer of pooly plate may be broken toe kick, when the choose and buy to squat down in the back of hand close to the ground and put your hands into the medial touch, whether to add stripes. 5, size accurate, accord with human body engineering: made furniture to horizontal flat vertical, do not have skewed, and the size of the produced should accurate, if we don't trust, can undertake the measurement field, at the same time, to see whether accord with human body engineering of furniture design, furniture is generally is a standard size, we can and then compare, then we experience in person, to see if meets our needs.

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