The four kinds of design model of panel

by:KNK     2020-10-14
Clapboard is popular in recent years of interior decoration material, easy to shape beautiful indoor effect, but also with the stain resistant and protect the practicability of metope. Clapboard is just in the domestic popular adornment material, so is not very perfect aesthetic system, a lot of the manufacturers to be clapboard materials is uneven. If use in residence, you must first embarks from the owner's personal aesthetic, understanding exactly how to use panel, what kind of clapboard good-looking, etc. Elongated shape elongated clapboard is * market at present is more, * widely used a type. The height of the vertical strip can foil the indoor space, make indoor appear higher storey height. In colour respect, it is suggested that choose the light color material with gray, can highlight indoor furniture, the do * * of the foil. Square shape don't think that is the patent of large family clapboard, actually square shape clapboard is very suitable for small bedroom. * suitable for use of two places is sitting room and bedroom, more fashionable than wallpaper. Stripe modelling stripe modelling with rectangular panel is a little similar, but the skin texture effect can show more details, also can be used together. At the time of interior decoration, and full wall, but also a half wall, to full wall is suitable for large family, half wall suit small family model. From the perspective of color, can choose the light color of the wall, and full wall * * choose gray, color, etc. Irregular shapes of irregular shape of clapboard choose as far as possible, because the market is irregular shape clapboard effect is not very good. Content from the network, are only for reference.
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