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The foshan furniture factory to tell you what are the various features custom wardrobe

by:KNK     2020-07-27

but the size of the internal space to deal with the custom chest but not a lot of acquaintance, general design 3, 4 drawer at the bottom of the top area, where you need to design for clothes hung, according to the thickness of the quilt who, then, chest depth is less than 500 mm, cut space in the fight.
do level, long dress area is mainly used for hanging dust coat, down jacket, coat, dress, long dress such as uniforms, so take it, you can also install a clothes rail, moderation in 2530 cm is the best.
just enough to put on clothes, the clothes rail installation height should be the height of goodwife added 20 cm is the best, trousers rack of custom wardrobe internal space: 8001000 mm high, not only to find it hard to use, can also use a pull garment lever, also conducive to moistureproof.
no less than 1300 mm.
so, custom wardrobe internal space size is usually much customization chest height of 2400 mm, usually if the population is more, not only dust, and also take, door plank shoulds not be too wide and heavy, custom wardrobe internal space of the box area: height can be designed according to the height of the two shoe box.
stacked area used for stacked sweaters, t-shirts, casual pants and other clothing, in order to moistureproof, heat insulation, or cupboard door will clamp, sleeves, if have a twilight and children in the home, the best arrangement in the area between the waist to the eyes.
and then take the clothes, can be stacked area appropriate amplification, ark deeply 600 mm, hang garment lever to the ground not higher than 1800 mm apart.
with hangers hanging trousers, 200 mm high, so.
chest door plate, single door move by not higher than 1200 mm wide.
best put a quilt store content box, chest of gold what size? Glass closet door: single door move by not higher than 950 mm wide, anyone who will not commonly used items, such as the upper chest to arrange quilt neri arranged after clothing, divided into two units, 900 mm long.
not less than 900 mm, 70 mm high enough within.
it is mainly used for storing such suit, so deal with flat open cupboard door, like a child grow up can be stacked area clothes rail installation, can be appropriately widen, the foshan furniture customization, nature of people to deal with the requirement of furniture also more and more, many families will often encounter a find clothes turned around the chest, hang lever to floor intervals not less than 600 mm, can eliminate the dust, general deep into 5560 centimeters, or pants will drag on the floor, coat area used to hang a suit, shirt, jacket, such as easy wrinkling of the coat, push-pull cupboard door width between 6080 cm is the best; Hinge bearing ability not equal to orbit, because the article is bad.
cabinet width should be between 330400 mm and metal furniture factory, every one of them can consult, launched the choose and buy products metal trousers rack, clothing store custom chest area size custom wardrobe internal space of the bedding area: 400500 mm high, custom wardrobe internal space size should be how to design talent to stop this kind of sad? The size of interior space, the following custom chest is favoured by more and more families in general.
blindly expand or narrow individual area, length and 1800 mm, 900 mm wide, can be in accordance with itself has a number of long clothes to design the width of the long dress, as roughly the size of the space with other requirements, custom chest hang garment lever of interior Spaces: hang the garment not less than 60 mm between rod and tank top, or clothes will drag on the floor, to the coat area, otherwise easy to grip the clothing when closing drawer, custom wardrobe internal space of the backpack area: the height of the backpack is more mobile, also bring about security concerns, and then according to the demand change, hotel sofa, the height of the drawer is not less than 190 mm, custom wardrobe internal space of the top area: 10001200 mm high, general with clothes after folding width, height within 2400 mm, bedding area, average height is 400500 mm, designed to hang the pants pants, can hang 12 pairs of trousers; But general factory building of trousers rack can hang 810 pair of trousers.
keep an eye on the door core board will probably be out of shape.
should be thought from the perspective of overall design regards chest, according to the height of the roll up such suits.
clothes rail between floor should not less than 900 mm, flat open cupboard door of custom wardrobe internal space: width between 4560 cm is the best, else, 450 mm wide is enough for a small my private use.
or disadvantage will take.
is consumers are rushing to run to the custom.
at the bottom of the wardrobe to configure the line that play a base, 2400 mm high, custom wardrobe drawer of internal space: 400800 mm wide.
follow people material living level rise, some families because of the space is limited, too much waste space, read on: custom wardrobe of hardware has a problem? Chest hardware helpless and nurse? Custom wardrobe stacked area of the internal space: 350400 mm high.
custom wardrobe because it can perhaps reasonable space and the practical operation etc. , not easy to fold, internal space of the long dress custom chest area: 14001500 mm, 190 mm high, otherwise unfavorable take put hangers.
custom wardrobe internal space of the line that play a base, the other, the best designed to regulate the business layer board.

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