The foshan furniture factory to teach you the choose and buy of furniture of beautiful pear wood

by:KNK     2020-08-31

today's furniture market, the material of real wood furniture is emerge in endlessly, but when it comes to the most popular, or several, then is annatto hua limu, teak, and Africa. Especially in the African rosewood is more get the welcome of people. But now on the market of furniture jumbly, so hua limu furniture of choose and buy must be careful, here we introduce rosewood furniture of choose and buy method. First is to look at the furniture of beautiful pear wood grain is exquisite, we identify the graininess of the rosewood furniture must see it, even distribution of authentic rosewood wood grain, and a fine dark dot. Just as the glass above the little rain trace when it rains. Especially the furniture of beautiful pear wood of deep color more carefully to see. Second rosewood furniture surface is bright and clean: we're going to see is not the difference is that with red often appear not a flower is not cracking, normal manufacturer after drying and so on many processing, but also to ensure that the products without the specter of swell-shrink. Mesoscopic furniture surface, if there is a small crack appeared, such as manufacturers are likely to be the processing time is less than or reduction process. Then is to see the surface is bright and clean rosewood furniture, paint is the face of furniture, if we buy the furniture is not smooth surface is smooth, in the home is not able to show its panache, but will also reduce our appreciation taste, so we must pay attention to the paint. Finally is whether rosewood furniture is strong, buy furniture to gently sway, see if there is a sound or not smooth, and if so, then don't buy.

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