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The foshan furniture factory the shoe ark of geomancy taboo

by:KNK     2020-08-29

if you would like to ask to enter family met a furniture is what, I'm afraid most people answer is shoe ark, because the people have the habit of changing slippers into the house, so the shoe ark is essential to the furniture in the family, because the shoe ark generally located in the front house curtilage, port, so the good or ill luck of housing gas will have direct impact, then for the shoe ark of geomancy taboo. First: shoe should not be put outside the door: a lot of families in order to save interior space, and let the door inside look neat, shoe will be on the outside of the door, in fact, this place would cause house outside the entrance to clutter, affect the feng shui hall. Let the other people see, also can feel the grade of the housing lower, curtilage gas natural decline. At the same time, the shoe on, equivalent to 'harmony' to block at the door outside, not appropriate. An introduction to see shoes 'will bring' a guest in the door ', let a person see the psychological effect of 'harmony', so the shoe should be placed at the door. Second: shoe ark is unfavorable should hide: the appropriate shoe cabinet door, if the shoe about seven or eight slot of stacked together and did not keep out of the door, can appear the whole house home is messy, and at the same time, the shoes itself with peculiar smell, a door words can cut off the smell, and not be affected thereby. Third: shoe ark of the door should not be straight at the door, the door is our whole house home port, the aura of this position must not be impacted by the bad, shoe ark, although there is a use value, but it is not display of ornamental, so should not be put in the introduction and cannot be straight at the door. Fourth: the shoe too tall, shoe ark, if too large, can appear not harmonious, easy to produce high force feeling that take the door, and, of course, if shoe ark is embedded inside the wall, will appear natural and beautiful, do not take up space, there would be no height limit. Fifth: shoe should not be put in the bedroom: the bedroom is the place that we take a rest, if shoe ark is put in the bedroom, shoe ark of noxious gas will affect people's rest, so not appropriate in the bedroom.

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