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The foshan furniture factory tell you can't buy three kinds of furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-28

there are more and more merchants furniture furniture store inside, but what merchants sell furniture quality is good and bad are intermingled, so we must be more careful when buying furniture, below is for the three types of furniture can't buy. The first: the price is too high, but the price is too low after bargaining furniture not to buy in order to cater to consumer psychology, the price of some furniture price is quite high, but after and merchants bargaining, will become cheaper, sometimes can be cut down thousands of yuan, such furniture is usually made of inferior materials, often 'treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them', consumers in such seemingly cheap furniture must be careful. The second: a strong pungent odor of furniture not to buy our in the mall to buy furniture, furniture must be close to the surface of furniture, take a deep breath smell there ever, taste is very big. Like some ambry, opened the door, smell stimulation to let a person tears, that means furniture formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly, this kind of furniture to human body harm is very big, is generally not recommended to buy, even because of constraints, also want to air buy reoccupy of a period of time. The third: man-made board furniture if you do not do sealing side processing, don't buy. Who use man-made board furniture is made of the limitation on the edge processing is very strict, especially made of particle board more whole sealing side, so that the harmful material in can limit the man-made board releases, but now some of the manufacturers in order to save material, do local sealing side only, so we must be careful when choosing to view. Carefully, even if it did edge processing if smell the stimulating odour.

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