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The foshan furniture factory plants selection of feng shui living room

by:KNK     2020-08-25

now the people more and more like flowers, many people will be at home three two potted flower is put in the sitting room, but we don't know is that the choice of flowers and plants in the sitting room also has a feng shui, so how do we choose the flowers and plants in the sitting room? Everything has the element of points and the plant is not exceptional also, in the theory of five elements of traditional kanyu study, green plant belongs to the wood, extremely rich plant species, all-encompassing, actually there are five lines, produce different modulation effect to human body health. Very professional plant five points method, to plant is not familiar with the people on the one hand, from its reproductive organs - — Judging the flower color, white gold, green wood, the blue water, the red fire, yellow soil; On the other hand, can also according to the characteristics of plant to identify, such as hot fire, temperature of the earth, cold water, dry as 'gold'. When we were in choosing plants can choose according to the orientation of the door flowers and plants, it is helpful to health. Doors to the west belongs to the king, so the choice of gold and earthy potted flowers and plants should belong to, such as: phnom penh sansevieria bamboo, gold, gold heart bracketplant, golden lily heart cycas in Brazil. Gate to the south is fire, appropriate of fire and the wood plants, such as: dragon's blood tree, red iron, iron, iron, etc. Door to the north water, suitable plants in water and gold, such as: elephant foot tree, Hawaii, coconut, gate eastward suitable plant belongs to the wood lucky bamboo, green wing, and umbrella maple ( Potted plant) Bamboo, rich tree, jinshan water palm, the sun god, etc. We can also according to the animal sign to select the flowers and plants, zodiac ox, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, dogs, especially the person born in the winter, determination like fire, can choose to belong to the flower of fire, more like clivia, camellia, azalea, red roses, etc. ; Zodiac rooster and many monkeys like gold, can choose earthy and golden flowers, such as yellow roses, smiling, gardenia, tuberose, etc; Many mice, pigs, like water, can be planted of gold and water plant flowers, such as narcissus, michelia, rubber tree, etc; Rabbit and tiger should choose wood plants, such as autumn orchid, evergreen. When we were in choosing plants in addition to pay attention to these problems, feng shui in the choice of time also should give priority to with their own subjective intention, choose oneself to like, and when placed in line with the environment they need to put, also don't buy those poisonous plants because of curiosity.

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