The foshan furniture factory matters needing attention of environmental protection decoration

by:KNK     2020-08-26

when decorating, if you want to pretend a harmless and comfortable home environment, you will need to pay attention to household decorates each link, the following matters needing attention for the environmental protection decoration. Design: first: light source in the bedroom, at the time of installation of lamps and lanterns should have the concept of the main light source and auxiliary light source. Refers to the main light specifically for a certain local lighting of the space, such as reading lamp, floor lamp, table lamps, etc. , and auxiliary light source is almost the central location of the headlight room, many people had no this concept when decorate household. Second: floor drain design: the floor drain is used for dewatering, floor drain drainage is lower than the ground, so don't ignore it, otherwise transformation is not easy, and, when decorating, be sure to remind the decoration workers, floor drain drainage must be below the ground, to avoid every time washes the bath to put up with 'shui manjin hill' phenomenon. Third: the quality of the line that play a base: in addition to the line that play a base itself to protect the function of metope, in living in the beautiful also have quite proportion, is home to the contour line, people will often natural eyes resting on it. Modelling beautiful, the line that play a base, with delicate do manual work often can have the effect of dot eyeball, for your home. So when choosing the line that play a base must to good manufacturer to customize, so out of the line that play a base on the size would be more appropriate, it also more beautiful, beautiful in appearance. Fourth: strength caulking agent: when decorate, we usually use white cement powder caulking, but its bond strength and water proofing property is bad, because is easy to crack of heat bilges cold shrink after dehydration, lead to floor tile water seepage, thus we decorate, can choose to use caulking agent for caulking. Because the paste of caulking agent fastness and hardness is better, but also the strong ability of resistance to change color.

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