The foshan furniture factory decorate material money saving tips

by:KNK     2020-08-28

now would be a good many people want to decorate, this house looks both environmental protection and will use a long time, although it took a lot of money, but in the end is not achieve the result that we expected. Many people think that as long as I buy the most expensive, so the quality must be good, even a penny a points goods, but have spent a lot of money but also does not have much better quality than the price cheap, and most of the people's economic bear ability is limited, so are we going to sort out a lot when the choose and buy, buy cheap and good but the price of the goods quality. First: many people when choosing coating will choose a big brand to buy, but the big brand also can appear a lot of unhealthy phenomenon, that is because a lot of businessmen caused by excessive water seepage, it is a good coating water mixing more quality than the general product quality will be much worse. So we in the choice can choose a few of the grade of products, so whether the pentavalent or triad, or second generation or third generation, they actually effect is not very big difference, and quality is guaranteed. At the same time in the class of products price will be cheaper. The second: sanitary ware of choose and buy some decorate owner haggle over every ounce to save money on a lot of material details, but on the other hand pay big money to buy a few thousand yuan a toilet. Actually, now five thousand yuan about one thousand toilets and toilet on the quality difference is not big, just some style differences. If you really want to save money, we might as well buy ordinary products, to do the whole decorate cost affordable, which should be taken seriously. Third: when we are choosing the floor if the floor of laid particularly expensive, a house and it is also a considerable price, and good floor maintenance is also very important, so we can use solid mu fu joins a floor board instead of real wood floor, so our prices basically can sent a third, and the solid mu fu joins a floor board is not easy craze, use fixed number of year also grow a lot.

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