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The foshan furniture factory custom of dining room furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-27

restaurant is a place where we have dinner, the atmosphere of a restaurant, cannot leave the adornment of dining-room furniture, now everyone more like several custom restaurant, so custom restaurant has what considerations? The foshan furniture factory to tell you. 1, custom restaurant furniture styles to choose: the shape of the table are usually rectangular or circular this two categories, the most common type of table is square. Eat chair of the structure is simple, generally do not set armrest. And eat desk and chair to form a complete set of options, the size of the eat desk and chair and we want to match the size of the space, so can only be appropriate. 2, custom processing restaurant furniture must pay attention to the style: now many families like to contemporary and contracted style, we in the choice of dining room furniture can also choose to contracted style, but choose the style of and dining-room decorate a style is unified. 3, custom restaurant furniture must pay attention to the colour collocation: the colour of dining room furniture had better choose anacreontic and tonal, want to choose both can give a person warmth, also can improve the interest of color into the table, but the colour collocation of the dining room furniture and decorate color photograph collocation.

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