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The foshan furniture factory annatto furniture of choose and buy of common sense

by:KNK     2020-08-28

in annatto furniture is a furniture, a luxury, it not only can be used to make furniture to use, can also be used as a collection, but at the time of purchase of annatto furniture some means of speculative businesses more and more, let the consumer the creeping action to tell you about how to choose transfer today you contentment of annatto furniture. First to learn annatto is, only by understanding the annatto knowledge, is deceived to prevent, seduced. Annatto furniture, need to absorb and supplement the basic knowledge of annatto furniture, but also to understand classical annatto furniture of a few terms, like old wrapped slurry, waist, do, leather case and so on. These knowledge can prevent consumer is deceived, and at the same time can also help consumers to buy really good baby. Next to 'inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking, touch' : hope is the material of the furniture, the observation of wood texture, color and see whether there are traces of repaired. Smell is the smell, the most rare wood is contain a certain combination, such as sweet branch wood and rosewood, can be distinguished by smell, tap on a page to listen to sound, at the same time can know its thickness and panel is too thin, empty voice, thicker the sound to solid. Q is the origin of a product, ask the salesman annatto furniture material, etc. , at the same time in the process of choose and buy must pay attention to the product specification and the items indicated in the contract. Touch touch the furniture is external and jammed, see how bright and clean, smooth and thick. And then to see whether the process of fine furniture, craft exquisite furniture commonly contain deep cultural connotation and aesthetic taste, and annatto furniture is a form of art, its material scarcity and rich cultural connotation, has the very high appreciation of space, and collecting the lovers of love. Finally choose businesses and brands, it annatto furniture market is taking the path of brand, brand is chose, consumers can choose to access to the national famous brand name, provincial famous brand name, logo, industry top ten brand of brand and produces the factory, so both in material and the craft level above have the guarantee, and its after-sales is relatively good.

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