The end of the stainless steel electrode redness and coated cracking phenomenon, how to avoid

by:KNK     2020-09-11

stainless steel welding rod welding electrode in the process of melting to two-thirds of the whole root length, electrode tail red ( Even coating cracking) , increase splash, weld bump, weld deterioration, deslagging difficult. The main reasons for the above phenomenon is due to the austenitic stainless steel welding core resistivity, thermal conductivity of poor; Stainless steel welding most short arc welding, so drop transition form with large droplet short-circuit transition is more, the short circuit transition welding current is very big, core, and heat resistance of arc heat is very big, austenitic heat conduction slow, with the increase of welding time, the resistance of the austenitic stainless steel welding core heat rising, the welding to about two-thirds of the whole electrode at the electrode tail will be red. Due to large stainless steel welding wire expansion coefficient ( Is larger than the linear expansion coefficient of H08A welding core 50%) , when the electrode is red tail, the size of the core wire has larger elongation and expansion, the coated bear great expansion drive ( Coated linear expansion coefficient and welding wire expansion coefficient, and coating strength is lower than the strength of the weld core) And result in the crack of the coated, make electrode manufacturability fell sharply. In order to reduce or avoid the tail end of the stainless steel electrode redness and coated cracking phenomenon, can take the following measures. (1) change the core material, the use of chromium stainless steel or mild steel welding core. HO8A as the core, for example, joined in the coated iron powder and the raw materials of high chromium, nickel, by way of covering transition alloy elements and obtain high deposition efficiency of stainless steel electrode ( For example A102T stainless steel electrode) 。 When the welding rod welding arc stability, slag flow is good, deslagging easy and medicine skin redness, no coating cracking phenomenon. (2) stainless steel welding core, by changing the coating composition to improve the arc voltage, slag melting transition form with fine drops transition to the wall, because only a tiny drop of smaller part of the core wire section, therefore make the melting of the core, thus reducing the heat resistance, surface temperature, in order to reduce the welding core melt of coated slow down, to form deep sleeve. The formation of deep sleeve raised in the name of the arc voltage, in keeping the arc power under certain conditions, can decrease the welding current, electrode tail redness and avoiding the improved the comprehensive performance of welding.

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