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The distinguish method of green furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-24

green furniture is environmental protection furniture, because now a lot of furniture contain harmful substances, these will cause serious damage to people's health, so we must buy when buying furniture, green furniture so discern what is the method of green furniture? First of all we want to see the choice furniture is there a sign of environmental protection, general man-made board furniture in the plate would indicate the country green product logo above, and formaldehyde release a quantity, could also write. If we choose to not plate furniture, we can let the factory to show proof of national environmental protection. And must be given local quality inspection departments, in case of fraud. Next we're going to use our nose to smell, we can smell the first look at the surface of the furniture is stimulating odour, and then opened the drawer and door ark smell excitant odour, if any, then prove that furniture is not green furniture. Then we must ask when and sales staff to ask clear material, and the type of material, and then let them produce the product specifications, the product of the materials, and sales staff said. If not consistent, then we must not buy. In to consult with sales people when we don't just ask material, even ask the product after-sales service problems, general after-sale perfect company to make the product quality is pretty good. Finally, we want to see the furniture sealing side is complete, especially the sealing side of board type furniture must complete, otherwise will lead to the inside of the formaldehyde free, cause harm to human body. When selecting a green furniture we need to pay attention to these points, when we will buy home furniture should also pay attention to, put some green plants at home, watching the growth of green plants to determine whether furniture is green furniture.

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