The color of the stainless steel screen selection and application

by:KNK     2020-10-15
Now, stainless steel screen is more and more colorful, more popular colors are: rose gold, champagne gold, titanium, Black titanium) , sky blue, titanium, brown, dark brown, purple, bronze, yellow bronze, green bronze, black rose, rose, titanium white, green, green, gray, pink, violet, etc. Many places use is the color of stainless steel screen. So many colors to choose from, let a person a little overwhelmed, choose the choose the edition, the buy back after installation discovered with the colour collocation of the decoration is very not build, looks very nice. This is because they don't know the color of stainless steel screen color selection and application of reason, different color can give a person different psychological feelings, blue melancholy, calm and yellow are warm and soft, these are the special meaning of color represents. Stainless steel screen color choices on the choice of tonal changes in temperature relations with space. The dimensional feeling of cool color attune is better, let a person feel the remaining space; Warm color contrast. Cool color to move, therefore, the application of wide, and warm color attune is unfavorable for per capita space is relatively small, relatively compact work space. Neuter and tonal, the most widely used comparative advantage is applied to any places in coordination. Different color for different emotional appeal. Enthusiastic and kind warm feeling letting a person has the vigor; Defect is a little noisy, seriously enough. Cool color attune to make people feel calm and relaxed, the disadvantage is that the application is more, a lot of lack of personalized color. And neuter and tonal feeling is more serious, to express a kind of rational rigorous culture, the disadvantage is that the lack of emotional color. The color of large area application, it is advisable to apply colour combination, avoid monotony. Different colors have different feeling, more detailed understanding of each color bring feeling to the person, we usually decorate color, or as their recognized color, can match the very right color. Red, orange, yellow - among them - For warm color, a symbol: the sun, fire. Green, blue, and black - - For cool color, a symbol of the forest, the sea, blue sky. Gray, purple, white - - As the middle color; The brightness is higher - that cool color moves - The warm, warm color attune, the higher the brightness of the - - The more cold. Color selection and application of stainless steel screen for people who do not know to understand really difficult, but the colour is really is a designer must understand the knowledge. A good stainless steel screen color is tie-in, can make become the focus of the whole screen, give a person a kind of very comfortable feeling. These colour can even affect the person's mood, is very important, so to speak. So, if necessary, suggest looking for designer of choice for color stainless steel screen color choice. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: when designing stainless steel screen should focus on four aspects
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